Whether you’re considering a small garden shed or a huge American Barn, a good quality shed is an investment for your property and your future. By building a quality structure in your backyard, you are ensuring the value of your property increases!

As well as adding to the market value of your house, it also increases the rental price! We can’t put a figure on this because obviously, that depends on your shed but studies show that a high-quality, well maintained and practical shed will add approximately an additional 50% on top of what you purchased it for onto the house value!

Not considering selling or renting your property out in your life time? No worries – your shed can still be an investment! The size of your shed will determine what you can do with it, but the possibilities are endless.

What do Amazon, Apple, Disney and Google have in common, besides the fact that they are all extremely successful? They all started in garages! Starting a business from home in your shed is a fantastic way to keep costs down. You might even be the next Jeff Bezos!

Investing in a top-quality shed won’t make you a billionaire overnight, but it will give you a great startup space for a business. Whether you need a secure place to store stock, a place to create stock, or an office space to work away from the home, a shed can be the perfect way to cut costs.

The latest shed-trend is the Shouse. This is a shed converted into a house. Buying a quality shed means that you can eventually fit it out to be a livable dwelling. A converted shed can make a great studio for a teenager, older relative or even rented out to boost your income! With the popularity of AirBnB’s across the country, you could set up your own holiday rental in your backyard.

The possibilities of profiting from your shed are endless, whether you actively turn your shed into a money-making business or simply just install one in your yard, you are adding value to your property. A shed is not just a shed, it is an investment. Make sure you consider the quality of your purchase, because you shouldn’t have to invest twice in a shed.

Our customer service team have the shedspertise to help you customise your shed to suit your needs and ensure your design will be practical and profitable for years to come.