Hands up! Who has a shed piled high with assorted stuff, none of which is ever going to be easy to find?

No matter how good your intentions are when it comes to keeping your shed tidy, translating those good intentions into reality can be very difficult indeed
But, don’t despair. There are ways to keep your shed looking good and organised every day of the year. If you’re struggling, you may soon find you have the solutions you’ve been looking for.


Let’s say you have a new storage shed. You first put everything you have into a new shed and you keep it tidy. Yet after a while, it becomes all too easy to chuck everything in there once you’ve finished and shut the door on it. Next time you go to use something in the shed, you can end up spending more time than necessary trying to find everything.
Very often it’s a lack of storage that makes for an untidy shed. For example, if all you have is the shed itself, you haven’t got anywhere to store smaller items. These can get lost in a muddle on the floor, or worse, damaged by larger items you put in the shed. Keeping everything in order is very important if you are going to make the most of whatever size shed you have.
Luckily, there are ways in which you can solve the lack of storage you might be struggling with. That you will find out here.


You’d be forgiven for being driven up the wall by a cluttered shed. After all, it’s supposed to be a place where you can keep all your garden tools organised so you know where you can find themThe only setback is that without any proper storage facilities inside your shed, things can very become cluttered.
You may not think of shelving for your shed, but in reality, plastic shelving units can provide an ideal solution. They allow more to be stacked and stored vertically, for starters. You can also have three, four, and five-tier shelving units to choose from. Assembling them takes only a few minutes. There is also plenty of room on each one to store all kinds of things. This might include tool boxes, tins with seeds and twine in, and other smaller gardening implements that might otherwise get lost on the floor.


Another option to consider is how to make use of the wall space. Adding shelving to your shed is a good idea, but you won’t want to shelve along every wall (unless you have a shed big enough to accommodate it all). The good news is you can use the walls of your shed in other ways instead. You could use hanging hooks, for example, screwing them into the thicker parts of your shed. Another option is to have them hung over the top of the wall panels in a metal shed.


Toolboxes are usually used to house hammers, nails, screws, pliers and other DIY tools. Yet they could be putto good use for garden items as well. Between all the seed packets and other small planting items, such as plant markers, you can find enough things to keep inside a toolbox.


Workbenches are great for garages, but they can work in larger sheds too. A smart workbench provides space for potting up plants and storing empty pots so they aren’t damaged. You can also screw hooks into it for hanging garden string and twine on. Make sure to stain your workbench so it lasts; it can get damp at certain times of the year.


There is also a lot one can say about being safe when storing your garden tools away. For example, keeping them upright and making sure they don’t fall over can save you from suffering an accident by standing on one of them, or having something fall on you.
This garden tool tidy keeps everything organised. That way you can see it. The tidy also prevents anything from falling over. One can store a total of eight larger tools, such as spades and forks, in there. And the great thing is that it only uses up a small amount of floor space.
The more you can do to tidy your shed, the easier it will be to make sure it always looks good. The less time you have to spend searching for things, the more time you will have to sit and relax in your garden. Enjoy the fruits of your hard work. Why not take a fresh look at your shed today?