It can happen to anybody. Anybody who’s built a shed, that is. A shed disaster. That’s right, the ultimate tragedy with dire consequences, and in the worst case, a bloke’s ego permanently shattered. This is a real thing and we bring you this post to highlight the disasters so you can better prepare yourself.


Anyone and everyone can really benefit from having a shed. It’s great for personal and commercial use. But as helpful of an asset as a shed is, it can also become a problem. It can be a source of accidents, when not built sturdy enough and you have shed parts flying around. And in a places in Australia that might see cyclones like the legendary Cyclone Yasi, that packed winds of up to 250 kilometres per hour and tearing up houses and sheds, you can have a real issue. So how do you avoid such issues?


Columns bolted down into slabs on concrete which had been poured into old drums and buried. The picture was taken after a rough storm passed over top. Naturally this shed was blown over, contents destroyed and even the drums had been up-rooted.

So what’s to be learnt here you ask? Ideally you would want to build your shed on a slab or established reinforced surface, not in buried drum barrels. If possible, always go for a good concrete base. A message from the shed owner Bruce:

“I could hear the damn shed falling during the storm, I knew what was going on, I had been warned when it was being built. I kept asking myself – why didn’t I just pay the extra coin and get a damn slab poured rather than winging it with the old barrels I had lying around out the back, why didn’t I pay to have a professional install it rather than the local cashy king! How the hell am I going to explain this one to the missus”

If you don’t know how to build a shed, you don’t know how to build a shed! It’ll become obvious that the 40m span riding arena flat packed shed you ordered isn’t as simple to construct as you may have thought, especially when a semi is required for delivery and there’s more moving parts than Trump’s hairdo. But believe it or not, there are courageous yet stupid individuals (with no building experience) who attempt the impossible. It’s a disaster waiting to happen.
The Real Aussie Shed guide explains “We recommend only reputable, licensed installers in your area, and provide you with superior construction with no hassles and a quality finish”. 


Did you know when a shed is purchased the construction region is required to ensure the correct wind rating is covered? We do this to ensure if you are building in areas with high wind ratings your shed is manufactured for that region. Every Real Aussie Shed and Shed Kit is engineered specifically for the site 

where it’s to be built – with things like wind, topography, terrain and shielding all factored into the equation. They’re built to not only meet but to exceed Australian Standards so you have peace of mind, knowing our structural integrity is second to none and more than a match extreme weather!


Do you want a shed that lasts for a day, or a life-time! If you are after one of those “one-dayers” than save yourself a penny and goto the cricket, otherwise don’t take the cheapest road. Quite often, it’s what you can’t see that gives a shed its edge. 
With our range, it’s things like fully bolted frames with structural C-section or Z-section purlins in walls and roof. We’re different and that difference shows in strength, longevity, reliability and durability. We insist on only top quality Australian materials including BlueScope Colorbond® steel, quality roller doors and completely framed windows as part of the construction, because building sheds that last is the Australian way.

Come on, let’s talk serious about your next shed idea, request a free quote and speak to one of our shed-experts (known as a shedspert… terrible, we know).