For the Australian cyclist, a standard day of dodging traffic and looking great in lycra is often started by navigating a bike through cluttered breezeways and exposed lock-ups. Chances are you’d be a lot happier if you started the day off right, by having your bike stored out of sight, out of the weather, and preferably in a shed.


If money is tight, a simple bike cover is the cheapest way to protect your bike. However, they are prone to get torn and don’t have a particularly long life. They also don’t offer full protection from the elements. You might be happy to cover an old bike in this way but it won’t be the best choice if you have a new or more valuable bike. All in all, a tarp is a pretty rubbish storage solution. A preferable option is getting a shed.


Bike sheds are specifically built to accommodate bicycles. Even a small shed will be able to fit a couple of bikes, not to mention a few other random items you need out of the way like garden gear, paints and oils.

The thing about lots of prefabricated sheds is that you don’t get much say in how they look, what direction the doors face or even the size. Not so with a custom designed shed. You could keep things simple as a swinging door and lock, or you could go all out with an electric roller door and whirly-bird to keep your cycling kit fresh. Might even find a place to put your shrine to Cadel Evans.


Chances are you’ve got more than just a bike that needs a home. Why not upsize, get everything you need under one roof?

Chuck the whole family’s bike ensemble under one roof. Throw all your gear in there too. Transform the bike shed into a cycling haven, complete with a rolling road and workbench to properly take care of your machines. Install some shelves for trophies and storage, and hang some memorabilia on the walls. You’ve got a proper cycling sanctuary now. It’ll drive the MAMILs wild, trust us.

However many bikes you have to store; it makes sense to take good care of them. Put simply, if you have a nice bike you want to protect it. Leaving it to the mercy of the elements can very soon result in rust, worn out seats, and perished grips. If you have invested in a nice bike you need to invest in a proper place to store it too. Fortunately, as we have seen, there are some good options for you to consider. 

If you’re in the market for a custom bike storage shed, have a look at Real Aussie’s range of storage and residential sheds. We can custom make them to fit any size you need, and feature as much or little as you want.