We solve problems by working on not having any. It all gets back to doing thorough homework up front. We ask the right questions and the more we ask, the better a picture we can put together – until we have a true indication of what you, the customer wants, needs and can cope with financially.

We understand the planning process for shed and garage building. In fact we have processes for every shed solution from American barns to granny flats, carports and garden sheds. We have the experience to avoid problems and create positive outcomes.

Experience, knowledge and understanding create a great equation for creating the perfect shed for each customer. Even when we produce a Shed Kit for remote areas of Australia, they’re designed and crafted to be simple, failsafe components that fit together perfectly to deliver on client expectations perfectly.

It might make it sound pretty simple… but that’s because we try and make your entire shed building project as smooth as possible! When we talk, we’ll happily go through the details with you, so you get into your Real Aussie Shed sooner.

Also, check out our online guide for a more detailed explanation of how to plan your shed builing project. We can explain what we do, how we do it and why we believe we do it so much better.