Find the path that will lead you to shed Nirvana. But what are the directions that will take you there? Getting your shed done can often feel like rocket science. All the questions, measurements, quotations, paperworks and so on make it a logistical nightmare. Don’t you wish it was simpler? At Real Aussie Sheds, that is our goal for you. We hate complicated just as much as you do, so we’ve found a way to make it simpler. How?

We’ve prepared a simple questionnaire based on the first discovery questions asked of our clients. Its purpose is to provide us with exact details that eliminate any guesswork and make the procedure foolproof.

This guide on how to build a shed provides answers that would be sought at the first consultation – but the questionnaire shortcuts all that. It’s ergonomic. You save time and so do we. You can’t get more “win-win” than that! So if you do the questionnaire, send it to us, and we reply with a ballpark figure. The next seven steps will be quick and simple.


  1. Speak to us. Let’s talk about it on the phone or online. This is when you can ask more questions and we provide more answers. We will email you a copy of the transcript to keep you totally informed.  If you’re not ready to talk, that’s OK too (this stage is gratis, free, nada, zip, zero cost to you).
  2. Based on our last contact, we may need to refine the design elements and the ballpark.
  3. When you approve the design and quote, we ask for 10% deposit and then release the plans and so on.
  4. Ready for council approvals now – and if they have questions, we’re only too happy to respond.
  5. On council approval, you pay the balance and we dispatch the shed kit (or deliver the elements if you’re a local).
  6. Once the shed is completed to lock-up stage, your 25 year Guarantee kicks in.
  7. Install a beer/wine fridge. Invite your mates/girlfriends for a shed-warming party. Get your groove on.

It might look pretty straight forward, and that’s because it is! When we talk, we’ll happily go through the details with you, so you get into your Real Aussie Shed sooner. So what else are you waiting for? You can get the questionnaire now and start your journey to the shed you need most! 

Also, check out our online guide for a more detailed explanation of the seven easy steps to reaching shed nirvana. We can explain what we do, how we do it and why we believe we do it so much better.