Versatility, flexibility reliability and durability – key words for the designers responsible for our range that’s evolved over time to provide more solutions to more people. Your shed space is valuable and often your shed is there to protect the things that matter to you most!

With a little creative flair, we can turn your basic shed plans into a classic American style Barn, or Garage, Bicycle Workshop, Tool Shed, Meeting Place… even a Dance Studio (if that’s your thing). Our design team has come up with plans that can adapt quickly, easily and economically to produce a range of site solutions to suit so many customers’ needs and wants (and budgets).

But a shed is also much, much more! Well-planned, well-constructed quality sheds are a great asset that can add real value to your property now and into the future. In fact, it’s a bloody good investment when you do it right. So before you make any shed decisions, we’d encourage you to shop around, do a little homework and talk to us.

So please look through this guide for a more detailed explanation of real Shed Psychology. It’ll explain what are the best practices, what we do, how we do it and why we believe we do it so much better. Do what you want now.