In this business, we get to hear, see and know a lot of things that can help our customers make the right choice. Quite often that choice is based on a reaction, “Oh, I like the look of that Shed!”  But that shed might be totally unsuitable for your lifestyle, property, location and your expectations.
The first thing we suggest is to think about what you really need in a shed today – and beyond today.  Consider the lie of your land and how the shed will fit. Ask yourself how long will a good shed last? What do you want the shed made of? We use Colorbond steel in our sheds, so it’s definitely worth looking at the range of Colorbond colours to see what will suit your place. Extremes of weather can also affect the performance of some sheds (not ours), so think about that too.

Strength, quality, reliability and service

And talk to us because we like to go the extra mile wherever possible. For instance, we do things a bit differently – such as fully bolted frames with structural C-section or Z-section C-section or Z-sections in walls and roof. It’s those little differences that underscore the strength, longevity, reliability and durability of our range.

At Real Aussie Sheds, making a superior shed means we put our trust in quality materials, technologies, processes and systems; we also put our faith in our people and the kind of service we offer that enables us to stand behind every shed we make.

And we guarantee that.

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