Farm sheds are a great asset for any rural business or hobby farm. They’re made to handle anything, and getting one custom built just for your needs can add immense value to your agribusiness. So we thought we’d share some of the ways we’ve helped farmers out with a rural shed.

Having the right storage for your equipment goes a long way in ensuring that they are easily accessible and used as often as possible. If you’re on a farm, it’s vital to help the working day run like clockwork – not to mention making sure that your equipment is properly stored and the working environment is safe.

But what exactly will you use your new farm shed for? Here are a number of features Real Aussie Sheds have for their farm sheds:

1. Facility for Livestock and Feed

A sturdy and secure structure is the ideal facility to keep your livestock and feed covered from the natural elements, and also from prying eyes. Open front steel farm sheds and arenas are particularly good for this purpose.

2. Security for Farm Machinery

Steel farm sheds come in many shapes and sizes. With additional extras such as lockable roller doors and security systems, you can create a secure building. A steel structure to store your expensive machinery and equipment will be looked upon favourably by insurance companies. If ease of access is a high priority, you may be able to add open bays to enclosed shed designs for the best of both worlds.

Tractors, trucks, skid steers and forklifts are often required on farms. These large and expensive assets need specialist storage to keep them protected. A customisable machinery shed from Real Aussie Sheds can be tailored to suit exactly what you are planning to store.

3. Storage Shed

Speaking of storage, there’s a lot to contain on a farm; stacked hay, grains, fertilisers, tools, and equipment. A heavy-duty steel storage shed is the ideal solution to securely lock your items away.

4. Office / Workshops

If you regularly get suppliers and customers coming to your farm, then you will need to have some kind of office or receiving facility. A steel barn is an attractive and common choice for farmers needing these facilities. With the addition of dividing doors, personal access doors, ventilation, and insulation, you can use your barn as a multi-purpose facility.

5. Horse Shelter

Love your horse? Then give it the best protection from natural elements with a high-quality steel barn, stable or arena. These structures provide a comfortable environment for your much-loved animals.

6. Keep Harmful Equipment and Chemicals Out of Reach

Every farm has machinery, equipment or chemicals that can be quite hazardous. A steel farm shed provides somewhere for these items to be securely stored, out of reach from animals and loved ones.

It might be time for you to purchase a quality rural steel building from the friendly team at Real Aussie Sheds. 

At Real Aussie Sheds our steel buildings are designed site-specific, so you can be sure you’re getting a rural farm shed that can withstand your site conditions.

We have a range of steel rural buildings for you to choose from, and our designs are so flexible, we can alter them in terms of bay sizes, height, width, and length to suit your farming needs.