Custom Built Residential Sheds & Garages- Built to suit your requirements, from dimensions to features you didn't even know you needed! 


Talk To The Experts About How We Can Design With You and Your Needs In Mind For Now and Into The Future.

Most of our customers either have never bought sheds before or have a very limited experience with buying sheds – we understand it! 

The sheds are designed to last for generations and to serve multiple purposes. Talk to the Sheds experts first to explore your options.

Would You Like A Shed Kit, Or Us To Build Locally?

Real Aussie Sheds and Garages are engineered specifically for the site where it’s to be built – with things like wind, topography, terrain and shielding all factored into the equation.

We deliver Australia wide.  Our shed kits can come your way from any of our 30 dispatch locations, completely packaged and delivered to you anywhere in Australia. All you need is the location and an installer- which we can help with too.

Your Shed Will Be 'Solid As the Rock' - Guaranteed!

Our Real Aussie Sheds are built out of 100% Australian BlueScope Colourbond Steel. 

What does this mean for you?

It means you're going to have complete piece of mind knowing the structural integrity of your shed or garage is second to none. 

One Of These Sheds Or Garages Could Be Yours!

Why Real Aussie Sheds?

Unique Customisable Designs

Our sheds are fully customisable, tailor-made and crafted specifically by you, for you.

We design and create our quotes based on the needs of our customer, not just a cookie-cutter, pre-made design.

We offer 22 genuine Colorbond colours so you can really personalise your design to suit the surroundings, comply with local councils or even just to make it unique.


All materials necessary to build your shed are delivered to site, we use only the best quality.

We used Bluescope steel and Colorbond Sheeting backed by the 36-year guarantee.

"Built to a standard not a price".


We supply an in-depth quote with design plans, so you know exactly what you are buying, if not you need to ask “Why Not?!”

Our support and service do not simply end once your investment has been delivered.

If there are any issues or questions, we provide on-going assistance to ensure full satisfaction for each and every customer.


Australia Wide Delivery.

Backed by a national network of local branches who source materials from independent suppliers to keep money in your local town.

The Real Aussie Sheds 'Triple Guarantee'

Building can be stressful. Not with us. That’s why when you build with Real Aussie Sheds you’re protected by our Triple Guarantee.

The 6-Week Delivery Guarantee

Your shed can be delivered within 6 weeks if paid for upfront.

The Colorbond 36 Year Guarantee

Backed by our site-specific engineering, giving you piece of mind long-term. 

The Same Day Service Guarantee

If you request a quote, need assistance, or have a question, we'll guarantee same day service. We are here for you!

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