When you are building a Real Aussie Shed, most Shed Lingo features familiar words; but there are a few that don’t make it into the everyday conversation. This list will help you relate those very specific words to their actual meaning.

Before you start ging into how to build a shed, take a look through these words,  and bear in mind that the shed length and width is the same size as the concrete slab (required by most sheds). Sheeting will overhang the slab perimeter. Just so you know.
Read on…

Ridge Capping – watertight finish that enhances the look of your roof

Barge Capping – completes the edge of your roofing. Looks great!

Guttering – protection against the wild Australian weather

Wall Sheeting – cladding made from steel provides enduring benefits and fire resistance

Shed length – overall length of shed usually calculated on the length of guttering

Bay length – the space between each of the frames of your steel shed

Roof Sheeting – strong, durable steel sheets available in fabulous colours

Roof Purlin – made from galvanised steel this is the muscle behind the strength of the shed Apex Plate – a strong connection that joins the 2-rafters at the high point of the roof

Rafter – one of a series of supports that carry the roofing steel

End wall mullion – a strong support column for the shed’s end walls

Column – a structural element that distributes the weight

Knee Plate – creates a strong connection between column and rafter

Fascia Purlin – seamless, strong support for guttering

Side Wall Girts  stabilising structures to help with wind resistance

End Wall Girts – provide lateral support to the end walls

Shed Span/Width – the overall width

Height – measured from concrete to top of gutter

So we hope this clears up some of those more unusual terms you may have heard when dealing with shed builders.

Check out more inside tips & tricks of the shed building world in our complete shed guide which you can download right here below.