Sheds are more than just a place to put the mower and whipper-snipper, or keep your car out of the weather. They’re a bloody good investment when you build them right, too. So what other stuff can you do with the humble old shed? Well, have we got the list for you!


If you have a thing for DIY, it’s good to have somewhere you can keep all your tools, not to mention all those odds and ends of wood and other items. A shed of a with enough room to put a bench or two, space for all your tools, and plenty of room to work on a car would be ideal for the workshop. Such sheds are great for storage and working on your dream machine!

Why pop down to the pub when the pub can come to you? Be the hero your mates deserve.

You can convert your shed into a miniature pub. Some people have gone to town with this idea, searching pub signs, building their own personal bar and buying hand bar stools to create a lovely space to enjoy.

Working from home is becoming more common all the time. Not every property is big enough to allocate an entire room to a home office. Fortunately, there are lots of sizeable sheds to choose from that would be ideal for home offices.

Gym equipment takes up a lot of space, and few homeowners would find room for it to be permanently set up indoors. Create a home gym in your shed, and you will find it much easier to accommodate.


How’s this for a more unusual idea? Plenty of adults count model railway buildings among their hubbies, but finding a space to create a layout can be tricky. The attic isn’t always a possibility, but a shed could provide enough space for a great layout that would be disturbed. You could even run it out into the garden and through the shrubs.



Sheds aren’t just for men. She sheds are in vogue and there are plenty of things you can do with a shed that provides a feminine space to let your character shine through Armchair and bookshelf, perhaps, or an arts and craft space.



Everyone dream of having a home cinema. If you purchase a good sized shed, you could make that dream come true, without adjusting the layout in your home. Make room for chairs and a wall hung the screen, and decorate the room with movie posters to add atmosphere.


You might have room for a ball pit or lots of shelves with toys on them, leaving the kids free to play without getting under your feet. Larger spaces, such as a log cabin or a summer house, might be big enough to allow for an indoor adventure to be had, with climbing nets and dens in every corner.



This works in lots of ways. You can create a guest room for visitors if you’ve got something large such as a log cabin. Alternatively, you could create a den for younger kids so they can have a fun-filled sleepover with a difference.



If you’re fed up tripping over games equipment strewn all over the house, transforming your shed into a games room could be the ideal answer. If you have kids, their games and toys could be kept in the new space. On the other hand, if you have your own games equipment – whether its console games or a snooker table – it would fit nicely in an appropriately sized shed.


With all this inspiration, it can be very easy to get overwhelmed when considering the wealth of opportunities available to transform the humble shed into something very different. People create superb things every day, and some people have ended up with sheds they really love. If you’re hungry for more shed knowledge then why not download the Shed Guide? It’s got everything you need to know about what goes into a great shed.