This one’s for all the blokes out there, let’s take a gander at some of the best man caves, I mean man sheds and what makes them so unique and appealing. Feel free to pass this onto your mates as well, they may need the inspiration.

Being a bloke isn’t easy work, all of us males relate to this on a day to day basis. The pressure we are under to maintain that level of amazing has it’s toll. To put it simply, a bloke needs a place he can losen the belt, put his feet up and regroup his thoughts. There’s no better place to do this then in a man shed, so here’s the top 5 man cave ideas we have found and how they can be applied to each shed type:

1. The Insanely Over Engineered Home Theatre System
Too bloody right, there’s no better setup than an overly big screen and massive speakers to make a bloke feel like… well a real bloke. Think about the bragging rights alone! No mate will ever tell you about his 55″ 4K UHD curved flatty after you unveil the home theatre system forged in the pits of hell, with a leather bound comfort reclining lounge setup to accompany. Realistically, these types of setups can fit anywhere inside almost any shed. We would recommend a residential shed for this type of setup, make sure you leave enough room to actually build the theatre system on the inside.
2. Did Somebody Say “Build A Bar”?
Damn straight we did, and we weren’t mucking around either when we said it (you should have heard the tone in my voice). Have you ever thought about building an insanely blokey bar? You know, the ones with the stools, framed collectibables, pinups etc. You dont have to go crazy, plan a budget, do some reseach and see what you come up with. You would be the envy of all your mates, and even possibly the neighbors for that matter. You could use a custom designed granny flat or holiday cabin to get you started, and don’t forget about airconditioning (the beers can only keep you cool for so long).
3. Somewhere To Park The Ferrari
All blokes have a Ferrari right? Well maybe not, but that’s ok because some lads are just over-compensating. As for the rest of us, there’s no harm in taking pride in your supercharged VT Commodore, after all they are fully sick. In all seriousness here, sometimes a bloke just needs to leave the house, take a wander over to your American Barn (perfect for car storage) and just sit in the car, let her idle, occasionally giving her a little tickle of fuel. The sound of engine purring releases a calming effect and removes stress levels (probably because the ladies hate it!).
4. There’s Something About The Humble Loo
Long day at work? The kids are tired, the Mrs is upset and the dog hates you. The world is collapsing around you. Us blokes have all been there, and that’s why we believe the toilet was invented. You see, everyone relieves stress in their own way, but the toilet is always first point of call. So why not treat yourself to something special. A toilet that trumps all other toilets (just dont let the boys over to use it). A custom made garden shed would do the trick, complimenting your surrondings with a Colorbond steel latrine. You can see it now: automated doors open and the angels do sing in glorious praise of your heavenly commode. 
You could easily disappear for at least 2 hours on this bad boy.
5. Bugger It, Build Your Own Hotel!
Being sent to the dog house has never felt so good, especially when you own your own private hotel. Saying all the wrong things has never been so rewarding (and you know us blokes never get it right, until now). You’ll soon be finding yourself hurling every insult that comes to mind and not to mention how lazy you’ll become, all to be kicked out of the house. Sure, I get it, you didn’t wash the dishes, you forgot to pickup the kids from school and the wife thinks you’re a slob around the house! Only a bloke knows the truth. Well only a bloke who owns an industrial shed to house his make-shift hotel. Oh, and don’t forget extra rooms for the boys!

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