Best to get these right before you start building. Every shed should have ‘vital statistics’: door height and clearance measurements that will enable farm machinery, caravans and boats, easy access. Every shed roof should provide ample storage space and head room to accommodate any such machinery in the future. But sometimes, it takes more than a tape measure to calculate these measures.

It will pay to work out the kind of bench space, storage space, work space access (getting around cars and machinery) that you actually need now – and maybe in the future. It’s an easy process that will not only save time now, but will mean your future plans for development can be easily addressed and accommodated.

So please, talk to us about the statistics that are or will be vital to you. We have the experience and the track record that will ensure you get to maximise the real space and volume of your shed to suit your needs of today (and tomorrow).

Please check out our online guide for a more detailed explanation of shed design and asthetics and why they are so important to get right, right from the start. We can explain what we do, how we do it and why we believe we do it so much better.