Warehouses, factories, silos, workshops and storage plants. These are all places are built tough to endure anything which can thrown at them, inside and out. They’re industrial sheds. So what exactly is it about an industrial shed that makes it so industrial? Read on to find out.

First things first, any structural shed used in industry to store raw materials or for product manufacturing can be called an industrial shed.  They can be giant hangers designed to hold airships, or small shacks for a sheep shearer. It all depends on the requirement! At the end of the day, however, they all have similar features:

Features of Industrial Sheds

· Highly Reusable: Once an industrial shed is built, it can be re-purposed to suit pretty much any industry. From a logistical storage plant, to a chemical processing factory. It’s just the equipment and interior layout which might need a change.

· Robustness: A shed is only as strong as it’s weakest point, and that goes doubly so for an industrial shed. These sheds should be built from strong steel to endure anything from the inside and out. Getting a shed built by the professionals, and built tough, means you can avoid a shed disaster.

· Durability: In structural engineering, the durability of any structure is proportional to its robust nature and its adaptability to adverse environmental conditions like temperature and moisture. Colorbond Steel is designed to endure the Australian climate, which makes it one of the most durable materials to build from.

· No Welding: Most prefabricated steel sheds are bolted together, not welded. This makes installation much easier, and makes the strength of the shed consistent across the whole structure – and also much cheaper to maintain if anything does go wrong.

· Mobility: Due to them being bolted together and transported in more manageable pieces, an industrial shed is incredibly mobile for its size.

· Customisable Quality: An industrial shed goes through an engineering and design phase, where it can be tailored to a client’s needs without sacrificing strength. 

· Affordable Price: An industrial steel shed is a cheaper alternative to a conventional bricks and mortar building. They are faster to construct, cheaper to repair, and more resilient to the environment than other materials.

· Energy Efficient: An industrial shed provides the ideal real estate for solar panels, with long roofing which can be built to ensure optimal coverage throughout the day. Coupled with heavy insulation to keep the heat out in summer, and keep warmth in come winter you’ve got yourself an efficient and sustainable building.

To build a great industrial shed, there are a few steps involved:
First, you’ve got to have a site inspection. This helps figure out where you’ll be putting your shed, and how it will 
Then comes the planning and design.
Next is the components fabrication.
And finally is installation.

Real Aussie Sheds have been designing and building sheds for almost 20 years, and have dozens of successful industrial shed jobs under our belt. We’ve helped farmers, logistics companies, emergency responders, and sporting organisations get the sheds they need, and we can help you do the same.