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Sydney, home to over 4 million aussies. It’s a big city. In fact it’s the biggest in Australia. We also know it’s good to have a place to call your own in such a busy place, and it’s important to be able to keep the things most valuable to you safe.

Whether it’s keeping your prized wheels under a carport and out of the annual freak hailstorm, or your surfboards in a sanctuary of their own, we know that everyone needs a different shed in Sydney.

A tidy home makes for a healthy and happy mind. Extra storage space can ease the pressure and detriment of feeling overwhelmed with belongings and no place for them. You don’t need a giant yard and with a shed built for this purpose in mind, you’ll be on your way to organisation and relaxation!

The Australian climate is an unforgiving force. Summer presents piping hot seat belts and car interiors like ovens. Winter offers freezing temperatures and unrelenting storms. That’s why we offer garages and sheds Sydney will envy.

We deliver custom Colorbond sheds Sydney wide, which are all backed by a 36- year warranty. Keep cars, bikes, boats and everything else secure, out of eyesight and in a tailor made shed which compliments your property and keeps the council happy too.

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