Obligation-Free Quotes on Customisable Sheds


Every structure is engineered specifically for the site where it will be built. Factoring in wind region, topography, terrain and shielding. Our shed construction is designed with these factors in mind.


We know our product is the very best. We stand behind every shed we make. In fact, on top of the 36-year Colorbond® guarantee, we give you our workmanship guarantee.


At Real Aussie Sheds, we only use quality Australian materials, made right here in Australia, including BlueScope Colorbond® steel and sheeting, quality roller doors, and completely framed windows as part of the construction.

From start to finish, I have received a high level of personal attention from the whole team. Best service throughout the whole process.

— Peter from Nowra, NSW

You guys have been brilliant and we're so happy with the quality of your product! The cheerful professionalism you always show makes it even more special! Many thanks!

— Alison from Woollamia, NSW

I've had two sheds from Real Aussie Sheds. Over time, I have added on awnings and annexes. They have always been really helpful and reliable. A great product paired with great service.

— Garry and Diane from Berry, NSW



It’s a meeting place, a workshop, a sanctuary, a clubhouse, a business, a place to tinker, a place to build, a place to store and a place to work. You want confidence in your shed to know that whatever you do in it, under it, around it… it’s as ‘solid as the rock’.

“You may be able to buy cheaper but you won’t buy QUALITY like Real Aussie Sheds”


Your shed is designed and manufactured with care and attention. The frames are fully bolted. Giving you peace of mind, knowing that your shed can withstand Australia’s adverse conditions…that’s why we say our sheds are as ‘Solid as the Rock’.


We only use quality Australian materials including BlueScope Colorbond® Steel, quality roller doors, and completely framed windows as part of the construction. For our local custom jobs we use our own team of quality, licensed installers, providing you with superior construction with no hassles and a quality finish.


We know our product is the very best. We stand behind every shed we make. In fact, on top of the 36 year Colorbond® guarantee, we give you our workmanship guarantee on all sheds built by our team.


To be the very best, you have to deliver the best. Delivering you the best value sheds in Australia takes more than just manufacturing, it takes a commitment to delivering the best quality service.



With over 30 dispatch locations, our shed kits come completely packaged and delivered to you, no matter where you are in Australia. All you need is the location and an installer to build your shed (and we can help you with that too) that makes you proud and most likely will last longer than you! We are a national supplier and this is our specialty, so we can meet the many specific and unique requirements of your ideal shed.
For a pressure-free meeting with one of our team come into our HQ in South Nowra, sit down and have a cuppa and we’ll get you started on getting the best shed!
Alternatively, if you can’t make it to HQ. Just fill in our online quote request with your details and we can get started on designing your new shed!
Our experts are waiting to discuss your needs and answer any questions you may have. We can talk through your design and make your dream a reality!

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